• Greek fast food in Minturn

    Greek fast food in Minturn

    MINTURN, Colorado — The only thing better than eating Greek food is Greek food that comes to you quickly.

    In Greek time, quick is any expanse of time less than it took to build the Acropolis.Nicky's Crispie Sandwich

    But Stephen Porter doesn't function on Greek time, he functions on entrepreneur time. So when you go to Nicky's Quickie in Minturn you get great Greek food faster than you can say “This is the best idea since they put the pocket in pita.”

    Nicky's Quickie has been open less than two weeks, and, so far so good.

    “You can eat our food with confidence. It's hearty, healthy and it tastes great,” Porter said.

    Still, the idea of Greek food fast seems like such a contradiction, like saying you're on the cutting edge of Byzantium. Go to full story.